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March 17, 2008


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V. Copeland

My husband has HCC, diabetes, varicies, and Hep C. He is on the transplant list in Houston. We were told eventually we would have to relocate. I guess like most the waiting is very difficult.I have a teaching position and I worry all the time will they call him this week. I want to be prepared ahead of time. His MELD score is 22 and we live in Oklahoma. Should we already be there? We have to find a place to live. Decisions! Decisions! It is scary!

Rev Charles Baldwin

Hi Doctor, my name is Rev Charles Baldwin 52 yrs old. I had Hep C since 1994. I had an operation that I believe the disease was transmitted the doctor was diagnosed with Hep C. I had 3 rounds of inerferon, rebatrol, and then Pegasys worked in 2007. Now I have from it end stage cirrhosis. My meld score is 12. I have edema, high blood, high ammonia levels with other symptoms. I also have Lupus. I've been able to keep going but with much difficulty. I sleep 10 hours a day. The last few weeks I've been getting weaker and sleeping 16+ hours a day. No energy to even leave my chair. I was able to be active 6-8 hours a day now not anything but from a sitting position for a few hours a day. MY QUESTION IS: Does this sound like the natural progression of the disease. Does it sound like I am getting closer to transplant time or ammonia levels causing this? My Liver Specialist is not scheduled for another 2 months away. My ammonia level was elevated to about "38" my last visit. I have been taking lactulose, going 2 times a day on an average. I know it's impossible for a daignosis but what is your impression. I know that it's a natural progression. Question 2: Will I be "real sick" even bedfast before I get my liver? My doctor likes bringing transplant candidates with pager at 20 and do the transplant around 25? I will wait for your response. I am making a major decision about my Ministry that I don't want to make if I am soon to be not able at all? Thank You sir and may God Bless!

Harmeet Singh

I am 59 year old person I have been detected with cirrhosis of liver due to excess intake of alcohol and I am diabetic too.All the other tests are negative.Present details
bilirubin = 2.4
cretaitine - 0.6
INR = 1.73 .

All the above mentioned figures have come done from the previous details , which were:
bilirubin = 5.4
cretaitine = 0.6
INR = 2.14

Kindly advise my chances of recovery without going in for transplantation surgery.

Warm Regards
Harmeet Singh


i just sent you a request to information, but just found i believe more current info which chnages the mnumber largely

bilirubin = 1.3
cretaitine - still i guess the same at 0.88
INR = 1.13

total =8 can you tell me what this means -i so dont understand. and does this number change when hep c is involved.

currently compensated cirrhosis of the liver and hep c

thank you for helping me



I believe i just did the meld score test and it is coming back at 49 and then it asked for the 90 day mortality rate to key in meld and hit the button - it came back 0.97 what does this mean.

i know i have some the blood results right but i am not sure if PTT and INR are the same thing - i believe they are (clotting time) plt was 97 but 4 days earlier it was 72
creatinine is 0.88 and bilirubin total is 0.3 - can you explain to me what all this means. currently under no TX program, have cirrohsis compensated of the liver. possible TB CBC levels all low
Thank youso very much

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